Friday, August 21, 2009

Two ideas before college.

Well, technically three. We're still on for this Sunday's Doodlemastery Bible School, so stay tuned this weekend as we resume reading from Genesis. It should clear up some of the issues we had in the first chapter, don't you think?

As for the other two ideas, there's still the psychic. I've always wanted to see what kind of inane advice I'd get from there. I remember at one point the decor of the boardwalk-side office included a smoke fountain, that's a dish on a podium with dry ice smoking out of it. That right there sold me. At first I thought it was nonsensical mystic bullshit that was on par with the lesser sideshows, but once I saw the smoke fountain, I knew I had to take this stuff seriously. She's on the freakin' boardwalk, do I have any reason to believe she's giving anyone any meaningful advice? It is essentially just something people down here would do for fun, however there are incidents you'd hear about every now and then of some unfortunate sap relying on a psychic's advice for important matters, like relationships or finance decisions. Just talk to a friend if you can't afford any professional advice.

The last idea is that special dvd I've been saving. Maybe just a brief review won't hurt. I'll give you an idea of its contents: it is undoubtedly the worst anime/giant monster series I've ever seen. I remember the worst full-blooded anime I've ever seen, but I don't recall the title and quite frankly do not wish to endure the same pain again. That particular movie informed me that little gnomes live in our bloodstream where they make cotton candy. Yeah... But the one we're talking about has dinosaurs! And battle trucks! And strange, abusive sibling relationships! And sloths! Well, one sloth anyway.

Hopefully I'll have one of those things to write about by tomorrow.

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  1. Sloths ftw! There is nothing cuter than a basket of baby sloths IMO!

    PS, dry ice increases a psychic's powers ;)