Saturday, August 15, 2009

Remember when summer used to be fun?

Yeah, those were good times. But those were also the times when I was considerably more annoying and completely unaware of how my ignorance would bite me in the ass later.

I'm spending most of my time at the north Jersey shore now, so it's like the beach you would go to, only dirtier. Not being home alone anymore ensures that I will have to spend more time with my family, which for me is not good. Our relationship never really went back to the positive levels it was at in my childhood, ever since my confirmation into the Catholic Church (since 15-year-olds are perfectly capable of deciding which organization they will tether their immortal soul to for eternity) around which time I figured out my family would act in certain ways regardless of their own moral convictions and would never listen to reason or compassion. This wouldn't have been so bad if faith weren't so important in holding the family together, and ever since I became an atheist at 17 things have been somewhat tense whenever those issues come up. Which they do. A lot. As long as I keep my mouth shut and hide all my books, I'm fine. Otherwise there'd be disagreements and... well, you know about all that already.

Basically I can just use all this as an excuse to use all my time to study chinese, which I really need to get going on before classes start again. Other than that there's just a bit of light reading and a lot of dvds to keep me busy. So there's not too much for me to write about as yet, although I do have a certain idea of what to do with my Sunday entries, which I'll show when Sunday comes around ;)

I miss the campus and everyone living there, and I look forward to working, studying, advocating, and socializing. Two more weeks, and I can have my life back. Three more years, and I can be free.

NOTE: I just remembered something else here at the shore: a psychic's office on the boardwalk. I'm a Gemini as I recall, so what's that supposed to make me again?

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