Thursday, July 9, 2009

An idea I hope I can go through with

I just got an idea. I get them all the time and my laziness ensures that they never come to fruition. But I figure if I post it somewhere, it'll kick me in the direction to actually do something with it.

So my idea is a combination of two aspects I've been tossing around in my head. One is a comic that takes the point of view of the villain, because nobody seems to want to see things from their perspective. Seriously, imagine how hard it is to try to take over the world, etc. Then some jackass comes flying at you spouting off some kind of moral code you simply can't identify with, and then takes it upon himself to crush you in ways your plans could not have anticipated, and then he gets applauded by the public as a hero. It would be interesting to actually have the roles reversed.

But even though that's most definitely been done before, it's not really what's important about the idea. The second part of the idea is to have the villain be the antithesis of the religious fundamentalist: an atheistic, materialistic, logical being proclaiming "evil" and setting his sights on dominating the planet through SCIENCE. And his archnemesis is basically the instrument of God, a saintly being who upholds the fundamentalists' virtues to the greatest degree. I'd explain later how both of these two are able to manifest their abilities through their respective origins.

The whole idea is pretty much to show how distorted the fundamentalists' ideas of good and evil are, with good being kinda dark despite its supposed glorious aspects, and evil being quite reasonable really. It's the kind of embracing of the "evil atheist" label that manifests itself in fetus-shaped cookies and such, and it's actually kind of fun to play with. Seriously, all it does is show how ludicrous the idea that all this is so heinous and unspeakable. It won't even offend anyone you could talk to anyway, at least not yet. As long as it's not outright anticlericalism or eugenicism or some other ignorance like that, it's all in good fun. If they can't take the joke, what chance have they got to be reasoned with? They'd have to undergo some serious changes to be talked to, and in the meantime we shouldn't be deprived of the ability to express ourselves.

I'm not really sure if I wanted this to be entirely from the villain's point of view, so I might toy with the idea of both of them being used alternating as protagonists. I'm not asking for artists or anything while this thing hasn't really gotten out of my head and into text, but it's something to keep in mind for later. Seems like an interesting idea anyway.

Later peeps. For SCIENCE!

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