Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just a thought

About those who think good and evil are properties of the universe rather than traits that depend on people interacting with them.

Suppose there are two enormous balls of matter floating in space. By all possible observations, they are too far away to be of consequence to anything or anyone. They host no lifeforms and never will have any impact on any sentient being, ever. It's just garbage floating harmlessly through space.

One day, two people are in an observatory with advanced instruments that allow them to witness the two objects collide. One person says to the other, "I'm glad no one was near that collision. At least it makes for a great show here on Earth," and the other looks offended and replies, "My friend, we have witnessed a horrendously evil event that the whole of Creation will mourn."

This is said about two lifeless objects hitting one another, nothing else.

How exactly can you argue with that if one can assume that certain things are good or evil regardless of their relation to people?

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