Friday, May 29, 2009

In Soviet Russia, blog posts you!

Okay, first blog post, and I'm going with something completely boring and straightforward. Here's what one can (hopefully) expect here:

There's a lot that needs to be said about topics like religion, politics, and common sense in everyday life. I'll be writing about those things when I feel compelled to do so.

Some aspects of film and other entertainment mediums are still in dire need of direction through criticism - since you guys still don't seem to get it - and I'll be commenting on and making fun of whichever movie or whatever I happen to come across. Actually I enjoy this process (maybe a little more than I ought to) and I hope I can make sense out of whatever kauderwelsch seems to persist in popular culture at any given time.

And anything anyone may or may not care about my daily life will occasionally make an appearance here. Who knows? Maybe my creativity will come back from its years-long hiatus.

As for why there's nothing good is on my brain for the time being:

1) The economy sucks and will continue to plague me until I find employment for the summer. Otherwise I don't really care (unless some economic policy happens to cross my eye).

2) I still need to study. Yeah. My language skills suck but I still really want to be bilingual, so I'm going to be re-learning all of the chinese I was supposed to learn over the past year.

3) NOTHING'S HAPPENING. Really, you try living here. You'd have to drive miles away to do ANYTHING, and I don't have a ride. And, being the ever-reliable pool of lifelong friends it's always been for guys like me, high school is of no help in providing me with company. So it's just me and the internet. Let's see how long this lasts while maintaining my sanity.

Anyway, sorry for the waste of time and space. Do resume your journey across the intertubes and remember to make an occasional stop here. :)

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